TTC reached 100.000+ people in DRC with HIV/Aids information

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is the second largest country in Africa in terms of surface and the 4th African country in terms of population with over 67 million inhabitants. Currently, the estimated number of people in DR Congo living with HIV is 440.000 (1.1%). The DR Congo government has shown growing interest in expanding HIV/Aids services and improving the quality of services but is often challenged with the necessary infrastructure and resources. On the other hand, people have increased access to mobile phones and in 2013 there were around 29 million mobile phone subscriptions covering 40% of the population. Mobile technology shortens distances and in countries as big as DR Congo mobile phones create enormous opportunities to improve communication in both urban as well as rural areas.


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One million text messages to fight Ebola

It all started one year ago; the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. This disease is highly contagious and is often fatal if untreated. At this moment there is a confirmed total of 26.277 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) and more than 10.000 confirmed deaths. Sierra Leone is one of the hardest hit countries. Last month we sent out 50.000 messages about the 3-day-stay-home – campaign, in collaboration with Airtel Network and the Embassy of the Netherlands for Sierra Leone. The purpose of this campaign was to inform and educate people about Ebola, its symptoms, proper ways of burial and the importance of early treatment. People were told to stay at home across the country while volunteers went door to door educating them on Ebola prevention and encouraging sick people to seek treatment. In total, since January, we sent out more than one million text messages to over 100.000 individual participants.


Successful Cooperation With Major African Operators in Tanzania’s Nationwide mHealth Campaign

Airtel Tanzania, Tigo, Zantel and the Vodacom Foundation are the African operators that have taken the lead in the Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby Text Messaging Service (HPHB) (also known as the Wazazi Nipendi SMS Service) in Tanzania. Their bundled services served over 500,000 Tanzanian men and women, whom cumulatively received over 40 million informative safe motherhood messages and reminders, since its launch in 2012.


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TTC Launches Agriculture Information Service in Zambia

In many emerging markets like Zambia, agriculture accounts for the overwhelming majority of rural employment. Therefore providing farmers with timely and relevant information regarding production, market prices and agricultural finance among others will not only improve their income but also improve production and in the long run lower food prices for the populations.
That‘s why TTC, together with IICD and National Agriculture Information Services (NAIS), as part of the Connect4Change (C4C) consortium, has launched a SMS service to provide important information to farmers for example market prices, best practices for farming, and weather updates among others. This service, which is interactive, will also make it possible for farmers to give feedback on ongoing programs and ask questions to the NAIS and get quick response. This will go a long way in solving the problem of delayed feedback between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture.