How to empower citizens in Bolivia through mobile telephony

In Bolivia now several mobile Connect4Change programs have been started by TTC and their partner organizations. Connect4Change addresses the issues of poverty and exclusion in Africa and Latin America, in the areas of health, economic development and education – seeking solutions based on the use of the internet and mobile phones. With the organizations PROINPAIRFACEPAC and Casa de la Mujer the sending out of information via SMS has been started. This varies from sending out pest information for farmers for the agricultural program, to checking the participation of students in courses and human rights education for the educational program.


Mobile in Senegal: Orange wrestling

Maarten Kuiper worked as an intern at TTC before departing for a six-month journey from Amsterdam to Cape Town, accompanied by his good friend Vincent and a zebra striped Land Rover. Along the way he writes about remarkable aspects of mobile phones in Africa. More