Empowering Illiterate People with Information on Elections via Mobile

87,5% of the people living in Samburu, Kenya is illiterate. Because people are not able to read or write they often lack information and have no idea what their rights are. This becomes particularly apparent in the run up to the election (planned for upcoming March 4th), when many Samburu citizens have the right to vote, but have little idea on registration procedures or what they are actually voting for. With the explosive growth of mobile phone usage in Africa, people now do have access to information.


Using mobile technology in TB control in Uganda

Published in MT, bulletin of the Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health.
Volume 50. September 2012 

“Omulwadde w’akafuba ne sirimu bwajjanjabibwa akafuba awonera ddala bulungi, era addamu amaanyi n’asobola n’okwekolera emirimugye nga omulwadde w’akafuba kokka”[i]is one of the messages you may have found on your mobile phone during one of the AMREF/TTC campaigns in Uganda. Presuming of course you live in Uganda, have a mobile phone and are subscribed to the campaign.