Launch of the world’s largest interactive text messaging platform

Mobile technology is an amazing tool to achieve social change in the world. Therefore TTC in partnership with the Praekelt Foundation developed a global text messaging platform, called Vusion. It reaches and connects millions of end-users in more than 10 countries in Africa and South America with personal content regarding behavior change. TTC truly believes that if you want to reach scale with mobile communication programs in developing countries (for example, mHealth in Africa) you need to focus on technologies that work on low end (basic feature) phones. That’s why Vusion runs on every mobile phone.


Scaled nationwide mHealth campaign for pregnant women in Tanzania

In December 2012 TTC, together with the mHealth partnership launched a large-scale nationwide Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby – text messaging service in Tanzania. It targets pregnant women, mothers with newborn babies, their partners as well as general information seekers. The service supports the multi-media nationwide healthy pregnancy campaign ‘Wazazi Nipendeni‘ (Swahili for Parents Love Me) which aims to empower pregnant women and their partners to take the necessary steps for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.


Give Africa’s future a voice via SMS

African youth collectively SMS for an empowered AfricaTTC in partnership with African monitor is undertaking the initiative “Voice Africa’s Future” using innovative mobile technology to ensure youth participation in the post 2015 development framework. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are created by the United Nations to develop the world’s poorest countries from 2000 to 2015. In the next few years, world leaders will need a new guiding document, called Post-2015, for Africa’s development. World leaders need Africa’s youth to speak out so that your voices can be heard for Post-2015. In this initiative mobile technology platforms are used to ensure African youth groups participate in shaping the post-2015 agenda. We want to hear from at least 150.000 young people between the ages of 15 and 35 years in 10 African countries about how we can make a brighter future for all of us!


A tool that shows how aid is working

Just imagine a tool that shows how aid is working. It’s getting more and more realistic as today we launch AmLab’s new identity and our new concept: Three60.

AmLab (Amsterdam Lab) is the physical hotspot for development and innovation in the center of Amsterdam. The place to be for anyone who is involved in international development. AmLab is an initiative of 1%CLUBAkvo and TTC.

Three60 wants to become the Global Label for Aid Transparency and Data Gathering using mobile phones as a reporting tool. The Three60 approach has the potential to make information about aid that is, aggregated bottom-up, sourced from multiple viewpoints, open, and real-time, accessible to all. This new way of communicating about the impact of aid gives anyone, anywhere, the possibility to get involved and see for themselves how aid is working.