Mobile technology for social development is just a tool

Bas Hoefman is social entrepreneur, founder and director of TTC. Back in 2006, while working at ING Bank in the Netherlands, he was inspired by the growth of mobile technology in Africa from where he discovered the potential of using mobile technology for social development. He co-founded Text to Change with a close friend, together they implemented one of the first large scale mHealth projects in Africa. TTC has led the way in using interactive mobile messaging for development in Africa and South America and has so far implemented over 70 successful mobile communication programs in 17 countries.


TTC selected for the Impact Accelerator

Impact Accelerator is an initiative that originated from a collaboration between the Dutch bank ABN AMRODialogues Incubator and dutch. The program aims to help increase the social impact of organizations. It offers a solution for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to society but need help with the right guidance, contacts and financing. Impact Accelerator invited social entrepreneurs who aim to create social impact to participate and recently made a final selection of 2 entrepreneurs. TTC is proud to be selected as one of the two companies for the Impact Accelerator Program 2013!

Selection Process
In the beginning of 2013 social entrepreneurs could subscribe to participate during a period of 2 months. A total of 28 entrepreneurs entered into this selection process. After the registration period a first selection was made and 9 entrepreneurs were invited to pitch their business plan to the board of the Impact Accelerator. After a second selection process 2 entrepreneurs were chosen to receive intensive guidance, coaching and advise from dutch. Both TTC and Bestaan are very proud to be selected.


mHealth as a hype cycle

Together with Bas Hoefman Hajo van Beijma founded TTC early 2007. TTC scales simple mobile technologies with a measurable social impact worldwide. TTC executed more than 70 successful programs targeting millions of mobile phone users in developing countries. Hajo and his colleagues implement the technology and at the same time they’re content experts. Therefore TTC provides mobile solutions from A to Z. Hajo is regular keynote speaker on mHealth, winner of several business awards and renowned for his creative leadership and social entrepreneurship.