Menu-Driven Information via SMS

Due to the growing use of mobile phones and text messaging in third world countries, Text to Change (TTC) developed a menu-driven information system via SMS. Together with FHI 360, TTC started a pilot about contraceptive information in Kenya and Tanzania. After this successful pilot the menu-driven system was used in multiple other campaigns.

In most parts of Africa the total fertility rates have been declining. However in Tanzania and Kenya they remain high. These high rates can be the result of the critical shortages of trained health personnel in the two countries. That’s why educating people via text messaging is very useful and important. This innovative solution can provide people with the essential health information they need.


Bolivian teachers excited about SMS

In Bolivia, TTC implemented a mobile program that enables the evaluation of educative programs, using SMS. The effective, fast and interactive SMS campaign sparked a buzz of excitement among participants.

Interactive Evaluation SMS Program
Fe y Alegría is an organisation that specializes in ‘Comprehensive Education and Social Promotion’. Students of Fe y Alegria’s Educative Units develop working skills that allow them to incorporate socio-productive activities and identify their natural abilities. As access to mobile phones among the target population has increased significantly over the past years, the Connect4Change (C4C) consortium initiated an ICT program where mobile technology plays an important role.


TTC wins prestigious Reed Elsevier Prize

TTC is price winner of the Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge! A few weeks ago, it announced its joy for being shortlisted for the award. Now, TTC is even more excited to make a new announcement: it is one of the winners of the challenge. The official award ceremony was held in Stockholm last night. Arjen Swank, TTC program manager of the winning project “WaterMonitor” was present. 

TTC WaterMonitor
The assignment of the Challenge was to propose an idea that would increase people’s access to safe water and sanitation in regions where this is not naturally supplied. TTC has proposed the ‘WaterMonitor’. Its purpose is to improve the availability of, and access to, safe water in Uganda. Water points are first identified and mapped using Android smartphones, where after local communities can report issues and alert experts when repairs are needed. The same mobile phones can be used for sensitization and awareness campaigns on issues related to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Winning this award was not plain sailing. After submitting a short proposal in June, TTC was shortlisted for the prestigious award after which it submitted an extensive proposal, followed by a pretty tough defense call, and finally made it into the finals.