65% of new HIV infections occur in long-term relationships

65% of new HIV infections occur in long-term relationships and not many people are aware of this, according to an opinion poll TTC conducted for World AIDS Day in Uganda.

Why Uganda?
Over the last few years, we’ve heard that HIV infection rates have been dropping. And it’s true in a lot of places, but not in Uganda. For the first time in 20 years HIV infection rates are rising! The number has actually gone up from 6.4 percent infected in 2005 to 7.3 percent today. Therefore tables are turning on the Uganda HIV/Aids success story.


Grand Challenges Canada recognizes TTC as selected grantee for $100.000

Today we are very pleased to announce being awarded by Grand Challenges Canada, together with our partner Akvo. We will receive $100.000 for our innovative and result-driven idea to use mobile technology for clean water and healthy lives in the developing world. With this funding we will set up a pilot for 15.000 people in Uganda. The goal is to empower people to live healthy, enable children to go to school and contribute to global wealth.

Check out this cool video which explains the award-winning concept:



Tobacco farmers open to alternative crops

The tobacco industries in Uganda have expressed concerns about a recently launched campaign to regulate production and consumption of tobacco and tobacco related products. Farmers across West Nile, the major tobacco growing region in Uganda showed willingness to shift from tobacco growing to other alternative crops that can generate them money. This can be evidenced by a recent survey and situational analysis conducted by TTC in the District of Maracha.