Partnerships at base of Tanzania’s maternal health and early child care text messaging service succesful first year

“I subscribed to the Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby Text Messaging Service because we badly needed this information” says Khalifan Ramadan, who is one of the 300,000 Tanzanian registrants the service counts after its first year. The implementing mHealth Tanzania Partnership team states that partnerships are key for an effective mHealth initiative.

Khalifan benefits from the well working integrated partnership model that is at the core of the Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby Text Messaging Service. Thanks to the sharing and pooling of resources it is well promoted across the nation and offers a large range of maternal health and early childcare topics. “About 3 or 4 messages come to my phone every week. They give me a lot of (maternal health) advice.  This is our first pregnancy.  It is easy to do something wrong, but these messages inform us how to do it right. Also, I don’t need to pay for the service,” says the enthusiastic user.


World Aids Day in Tamale, Ghana

On November 30th, Arjen Swank and I (Neema Iyer) had the opportunity to celebrate World Aids Day (WAD) 2013 along with several of our partners and over a thousand participants at the Jubilee Park in Tamale, Northern Ghana. The venue, an outdoor arena, was already filled with several young people when we arrived, some in school uniforms while others rode their bicycles and laughed with their friends.