Our 2013 stats

What a year 2013 has been!

“More than ever, we are grateful to our fantastic TTC-team that made this year work and to our partners and clients who make it so interesting to work with them. Thanks to your support, we’re continuing to create a world where every citizen could make his voice heard and has personal access to information.”


Better care for unborn babies in Tanzania due to SMS

Service provides pregnant woman and young mothers with essential information to take the necessary steps for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Foto 1DAR ES SALAAM – According to African tradition the birth of a child shouldn’t be carefully prepared. That’s what 42-year old Mary says. She is a teacher in Nkuladi, a small village near Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. “In that case we believe that your baby will be stillborn”. However, Mary has thrown all traditions and superstition overboard during her sixth pregnancy when she was convinced by her doctor that the right information would truly benefit her and her baby. Mary registered herself for the SMS-service of mHealth. “Because of this service I realized I had to go to the clinic when I had severe abdominal pains in the first three months of my pregnancy.”


Promoting medication safety in Kampala

With a rise in non-communicable diseases in the developing world, the increase in medication use has unfortunately also resulted in the abuse and misuse of these medications. Reasons are self-medication, similarity between names of different medicines, no control of procurement /sale of drugs and lack of knowledge of patient history among others. Like elsewhere in the world, unsafe medications and unsafe use of medications are increasingly becoming a public health challenge in Uganda. That’s why TTC and Community Health And Information Network (CHAIN) have embarked on a Patient Safety campaign to promote medication safety in Kampala. We will launch an interactive SMS and radio campaign focused on patient organizations and their membership, village health Teams (VHTs), local leaders and the general public. More

25.000 women entrepreneurs in Peru subscribe to microcredit system via SMS

Women entrepreneurs need up-to-date information about their personal credit status in order to improve their financial situation. Between 2000 and 2012, the number of mobile phone subscriptions in Peru has increased from 5% to 99%. This creates enormous potential! That’s why TTC, IICD and PROMUCin the context of the Connect4Change consortium, launched a program to educate people on finance, using mobile technology.