Earth Hour Campaign with WWF in East Africa

WWF Correcte LogoOn Saturday the 28th of March 2015 at 8:30pm, WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) will organize Earth Hour for the 9th year in a row. During one hour, millions of people across the globe will switch off their lights, as a symbolization of their commitment to our planet. After a successful collaboration for Earth Hour in 2012, TTC joins forces with WWF Africa again and will launch a Renewable Energy campaign in East Africa as part of this global event.


Trade in Africa: TTC executes multi-country mobile surveying assignment for the World Bank

Africa is not achieving its potential in regional trade and this means a lack of economic growth and development for the continent. The World Bank aims to understand the factors influencing this economic trend, in order to design and implement the optimal economic drivers that can push forward the economic development in the region. TTC cooperated with the World Bank on a large-scale, multi-country remote data collection assignment with the specific purpose to obtain information on the downstream outcomes of intra-regional trade commitments in Africa.


The exciting journey from: “project” Text to Change to “global player” TTC

A blog by TTC’s Co-founder Bas Hoefman

Bas H_zw copyIf so many people have access to mobile phones in Africa why don’t we use this interactive channel for HIV/AIDS awareness creation and education? This was the initial idea for Text to Change, back in 2007. We did not want to impose messages on people by telling them what to do or not to do. Instead we wanted to spark a debate by asking questions. After we did some desk research on this, we realized that this dialogue was not carried out as we had pictured it and definitely not at a large enough scale to create real impact.