Cricket consumption in Uganda

With a growing world population, food production needs to be a priority in our global agenda to accommodate those rising numbers. Especially considering the fact that today, there are nearly 1 billion chronically hungry people worldwide. Food production processes and changing world settings (overfished oceans, climate change, etc.) should be re-evaluated. That’s where edible insects can come in! Although in most markets people are polarized on the idea of consuming insects, consuming insects is actually increasingly becoming a common practice. Nowadays, most Ugandans are accustomed to eating grasshoppers and even white ants are eaten by a large share of the population on a regular basis. These insects are seen as a delicacy, but apart from that, insects also offer various nutritional benefits: they are high in fat, protein, vitamin, fiber and mineral content. The intake of a variety of nutrients is something which lacks in the diet of the poor.


TTC launches medical helpline in Ghana

TTC and Savana Signatures have launched a Sexual Health Education Plus (SHE+) project designed to educate young people on their sexual reproductive health and rights. It is their first medical helpline whereby young people can call in toll free and have direct contact with health professionals on sexuality, which can help reduce teenage pregnancies and other sexual transmitted diseases.

This project will run in Tamale and Volta in Ghana and is available in multiple languages. Young people often have lots of questions about sexuality and contraceptives. However many of them don’t have proper access to this information or are not comfortable asking the adults around them.


TTC one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands

Wow, what an experience last Friday night. We’re still recovering… We didn’t expect it at all but we were ranked number 10 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. This means TTC is one of the fastest technology driven organizations in the Netherlands. And of course, also worth mentioning, the only social enterprise in this top 10.

Last Friday the 2014 edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 was held in De Fabrique, Utrecht. During this event the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands came together and were very anxious to hear how they were ranked. The big winner was GreenPeak Technologies, with a growth of 8,757% (!), followed by XebiaLabs Group and Improve Digital. TTC was ranked number 10 with a growth of 1577%. And the striking thing was that we were among all these high tech companies while we always use the simplest technology there is.