About Us

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TTC Mobile finds it origins in 2007. Inspired by a documentary on explosive growth of mobile phones in Africa, Bas Hoefman and Hajo van Beijma decided to explore this tempting opportunity. Where development projects and organizations struggled in finding a way to connect with their hard-to-reach target audience, Bas and Hajo went for a surprising and innovative approach: mobile technology in order to connect organizations to their audiences in emerging markets.

Our Vision & Mission

  • We strive to be an expert at information dissemination and data collection. We help you to mobilize people and gain profound insights from your target audience across the globe. By deploying high quality, locally relevant and rapidly scalable mobile solutions, our dedicated team moves on where others stop.

    We enable you to engage in conversation with your desired target audiences in emerging markets via interactive mobile solutions.

TTC Mobile's Unique Mix

Reach of 750+ million phone users in emerging markets

Global & local expertise



Tailor-made & flexible


The branch of mobile technology is dynamic, continuously evolving and requires nonstop innovation. By aiming to be a key player, by listening and by exploring new opportunities, we are always prepared for the next phase. The approach of using SMS and Interactive Voice Response has expanded toward using mobile Internet, with the mobile phone as the constant factor. The TTC Mobile team members challenge themselves, but also the market by persistently improving mobile solutions.
Our expertise and flexibility provide great benefits to the organizations we work for and their target audiences. We offer tailor-made services.
By connecting our client to his target audience in the most efficient way, masses of people are offered access to information and are given a voice. With a phone in their pocket, individuals can speak up, improve the quality of their lives, stand up and make their own choices in the broadest sense.