Connect4Change 2011 – 2015: using ICT to change the lives of millions

A smart and sustainable way of using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can change the lives of millions for the better and can be an important tool in fighting poverty. With this in mind, the Connect4Change Consortium (C4C) joined forces in the last 5 years to accelerate economic development and quality of education and healthcare in Africa and Latin America. TTC Mobile is proud to have been a partner of the program that ended in 2015.

C4C was set up as a cooperation between six Dutch (development) organizations: Akvo, Cordaid, Edukans, ICCO, IICD and TTC Mobile. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the consortium worked on speeding up development and empowerment of individuals in twelve different countries. TTC Mobile contributed to the mission of C4C by supporting local partner organizations with mobile based technology in ten of the C4C countries.

Diversity of projects
The projects of C4C are characterized by three main themes: economic development, education and health. An example of a project that focused on economic development is the smallholder farmer project in Kenya, that was set up together with local partner Anglican-Development-Service-Nyanza in Kenya. From September 2012 to June 2015, sweet potato and passion fruit farmers were addressed with text and voice messages that provided them with information needed to face local challenges and to enhance productivity and sales. The outcomes of an evaluation showed a positive impact of the program.

Other projects focused on improving the quality of healthcare. The Health Child project implemented maternal and child health projects in the Jinja, Lira and Apac districts in Uganda between October 1 2012 and September 30, 2015. The project aimed at improving pregnancy, neonatal and child survival outcomes.

The final main theme of C4C was education. One of the education programs was set up in Bolivia with local partner Fe Y Alegría and took place between August 1, 2011 and July 1, 2015. TTC Mobile implemented a mobile program that enabled Fe y Alegría to communicate directly with the students and teachers that are linked with the organization. The students and teachers embraced the SMS service for its simplicity and accessibility.

Sustainable successes
Throughout the five years of C4C’s activities, TTC Mobile always focused on sustainability aiming to enable partners as much as possible to continue their mobile programs after 2015. TTC Mobile developed sustainability strategies, trained partners in self-management of their mobile programs and laid oud technical groundwork and advising about sustainability on a financial level. These efforts resulted in several mobile programs that have been continued after C4C ended in 2015. By the end of the 5-year program, sustainability has been achieved for mobile programs in Bolivia, Burkina Faso and Tanzania.

TTC Mobile would like to thank the partners from the C4C Consortium for 5 years of joining forces and cooperating on sustainable development in Africa and Latin America!

Connect4Change and TTC Mobile: the numbers


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  1. VincentReply

    Before C4C project., we had challanges reaching out to large number of farmer groups with marketing and technical production information. The sweet potatoes and passion fruits value chains in Nyanza region -Kenya had alot of inefficiencies and farmers couldnt realize the commensurate ROI. TTC mobile via C4C help us establish an SMS platform. Through the platform we were able to increase our target farmers to over 6000. With a click we were able to send bulk messages laddened with market and production info to farmers. The prices improved considerably and farmers also realized increased yields from their farms. We were able to organize farmers to strong producer groups and cooperatives.

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