Happy holidays in Kenya and Uganda

The holidays are coming closer and across the world people are preparing for festive days with their loved ones. But how much do we really know about the way the December holidays are celebrated in emerging markets? We decided to ask around in Eastern Africa, using our dynamic sampling and mobile panel. 

Holidays are coming!
Around 80% of the Ugandan and Kenyan people is Christian, so it was not surprising that the outcomes of our survey in Kenya and Uganda show that around 90% of the participants celebrate Christmas for religious reasons. As we set out our mobile survey, high numbers of Kenyans and Ugandans replied. They were eager to share with us what matters most to them during the holidays.

In our survey, we asked our participants what Christmas means to them. The top two answers for both countries are (1 =) church celebrations and services to commemorate the birth of Jesus and (2) time for family and friends. In Kenya, great importance is attached to the exchanging of gifts and sending Christmas cards, while Ugandan participants are all about reflecting on the year that has passed. Another great part of celebrating is charity efforts or “lending a helping hand to the needy as we remember the birth of Christ Jesus.” Also New Years Eve appears to be very important for spending quality time with loved ones. A remarkable finding? Christmas trees do not seem too popular in Kenya or Uganda as a majority of our participants indicated not to include one in their celebrations.

For many participants, the way the holidays are celebrated has changed since their childhood. Examples of such changes are that the holidays have become less festive and that there are less gatherings than there used to be. Wearing new clothes on Christmas day does not seem to be a must anymore.

_mg_1426kleinCapturing tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers
Our mobile survey sampling consists of a dedicated network of mobile partners to send SMS invites to mobile phone users and transfer airtime incentives (prepaid top-up) to our panel members directly after survey completion. The survey platform is agnostic as to what device or browser type panel members are using. They can reach the platform on both feature and smartphones. We develop surveys that are data-friendly and can easily be set out in areas with low bandwidth mobile internet. To ensure that our panel members are real and unique, we capture more than 20 data points (digital fingerprinting).

Working with our joint venture partner MetrixLab
MetrixLab, part of the Macromill Group, is a global provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. The partnership between TTC Mobile and MetrixLab has led to the recruitment of high quality mobile panelists and profiled databases. The combination of the two companies is of great value due to the expertise of MetrixLab in market survey research and TTC Mobile’s years of experience in providing reach and audience engagement in emerging markets.

Happy holidays!


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