Measuring our impact

  • Measuring the impact of our services has shown the power of mobile technology. Read about the impact study that we conducted in cooperation with the impact researchers of Avance here
  • "Mobile interventions led to behavioral change."

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  • "Mobile interventions improved conditions of end users."

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  • "Mobile interventions have great reach and are cost effective."

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Testimonials clients

  • Because of TTC Mobile we are able to reach people nation-wide in Kenya and Tanzania. The TTC Mobile staff does a great job of supporting us and has always been engaged in helping us through the development and modification of our program. TTC Mobile has always operated as a member of our team.
    Heather Vahdat-FHI360
  • TTC Mobile provides results fast and thinks with you about how you can get the best data.
    Marijn van der List-AIID
  • TTC Mobile is a highly professional organization that always works in an effective way. They are result oriented and give prompt responses.
    Sara Dwanya-Health Child
  • The thing I like most about TTC Mobile is that their service is very cost-effective. TTC Mobile is a reliable partner and provides an efficient and effective way to reach out to our students.
    James Malama Mulwila-Mukuba University
  • TTC Mobile’s innovative use of mobile technology enables them to collect real consumer information in a fast and reliable way. They communicate openly and strive to deliver optimum results in a partner like collaboration.
    Sjors Groeneveld-Larive International
  • First of all I thank TTC Mobile for their continuous struggle in developing African countries through research which is the major key to open the doors for African development.
    Francis Okecha-Arua, Uganda
  • At Unilever we are very happy with the partnership between Lifebuoy, STRIDES for Family Health & TTC Mobile to further spread the message that hand washing with soap prevents illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery. Lifebuoy this year is committed to collecting pledges via the TTC Mobile's mobile technology as a new approach to help stop diarrhea in Uganda through proper hand washing education.
    Mark Kivuna-Unilever Uganda
  • Partnerships such as the one we have with TTC Mobile aim to harness the power of mobile networks to contribute to the improvement of healthcare and health systems across Africa.
    Michel Barre -France Telecoms Vice President for East Africa, Orange

Personal story  ROSE, Uganda

In which campaign do you participate?

The Malaria and HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign.

Can you give an example of a question you received via sms?

I received questions like “Can a pregnant woman with HIV/AIDS give birth to a child who is HIV/AIDS negative?”

Can you give an example of one of your replies?

My answer was ‘No’ but then I received a reply that the correct answer is ‘Yes’ including an explanation.

What did you learn from these text messages?

I learned that a mother who is HIV positive can give birth to a child who is HIV negative. This was very meaningful to me because I couldn't believe it at first but after it was explained to me, it all became very clear.

Did these messages have any impact on your life and if yes, how?

Yes, I am glad that I can now provide pregnant women in my community with correct information about HIV and pregnancy.

On what subject would you like to get more information?

I would like to know more about the effects of passive smoking. Many fathers smoke near their pregnant wife and children, I am concerned about how this effects the family’s health.

How can we improve this campaign?

I heard someone complaining about not receiving a reply to her message.

Do you know about TTC and do you like the messages we send out?

Yes, I have known about TTC since 2009 when I started to participate in another text message campaign. I like the messages because they are very educative and there are awards for participation.

How long have you owned a phone?

Since 2007.

Do you share the information that you receive through SMS?

Yes, I share the information with the pregnant mothers that I council in the community.