TTC Live and partnership MACROMILL lead way to next billion consumers

Amsterdam, 21 October – Frontier markets are adopting the internet and TTC Mobile is growing with them. TTC Mobile has launched TTC Live – the next generation mobile engagement platform for developing countries. TTC Live provides participants with the possibility to browse through easy to navigate and highly visual mobile content. For organizations, TTC Live is the solution to effectively reach millions of mobile phone users worldwide as using a very low bandwidth internet solution makes the approach highly scalable at very low costs. In the light of the recently launched strategic partnership with global provider of consumer survey research MACROMILL – MetrixLab, TTC Live enables TTC Mobile even more to optimize mobile target audience engagement. 

visual-internet-enabled-phones-africa_20150929100009_1443520809564_block_0Mobile Internet in Africa
Internet penetration is quickly spreading throughout Africa. Since 2012 the amount of users for mobile internet have quadrupled, and it is estimated that the number of mobile internet subscriptions will have grown by 20-fold in 2019. Already over 80% of African mobile phone users now have the possibility to connect to the web through their internet-enabled phones. These developments are mostly possible due to the increasing affordability of both handsets and internet-subscriptions.

TTC Live
As African economies are growing and technology is rapidly spreading, TTC Mobile aims to grow with the current changes
in the market. To continue effectively connecting organizations with their target audiences, TTC Mobile has worked hard in recent months to develop TTC Live. This cutting-edge mobile engagement platform will be used to address a larger public in a highly cost-efficient manner. The platform is independent of third-party service operators or aggregators and therefore allows for very short turnaround times. Participants can browse through easy to navigate and highly visual content, while TTC Mobile can aggregate data on their usage and referrals. The mutual benefit is better information that can help participants and stakeholders in their decision making. TTC Live brings together different components of TTC Mobile´s services offering, including:

  • Participant database recruitment and management.
  • Content distribution.
  • Direct airtime top-ups and rewards for participating in a campaign.

The platform makes use of very low bandwidth and therefore works on all internet-enabled devices. Also TTC Mobile’s partners and clients can now access databases of millions of mobile phone users worldwide for their social marketing and data collection projects. Campaigns can be enhanced with images and video materials to increase users’ comprehensibility. All data aggregated on the platform is strictly protected under Dutch privacy legislation.

Joint Venture with MACROMILL-MetrixLab
On October 20th 2015, TTC Mobile has proudly announced a joint venture with MACROMILL-MetrixLab, a global provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. This cooperation will maximize the potential of the TTC Live service, as the partnership will conduct the recruitment of high quality mobile panelists and profiled databases. Flexible panel management systems and survey platforms will be integrated to carry out mobile surveys in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. The strategic partnership with MACROMILL-MetrixLab is of great value due to the company’s expertise on market survey research, while TTC Mobile contributes by providing reach and years of audience engagement experience in emerging markets.

On TTC Mobile
While using text messages to approach hard-to-reach target groups was mostly unknown in 2007, TTC Mobile was one of the first to see the many opportunities that mobile phones offer. TTC Mobile strongly believes in moving forward and in developing new ideas in order to reach those who need to be reached. As TTC Mobile aims to grow with the current changes in the market, new innovations like TTC Live are emerging.

Times have changed for the good. Having started with progressive ideas in 2007, TTC Mobile is now once more taking a step towards the bright future of Africa.

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