Measuring government satisfaction in Kenya

What are the issues and needs of the most impoverished and disadvantaged in Kenya? This is what NGO Africa Creates wanted to capture when they assigned TTC Mobile to survey their target group. Their questions resulted in more than 1,000 respondents, from hard-to-reach as well as urban areas in Kenya.

Kenyan attitudes towards central and local governments
Africa Creates is a non-governmental organization that sets up campaigns in Africa to foster creativity and innovation for the collective good. For one of their recent projects, they assigned TTC Mobile to capture attitudes towards the central and local governments. More than 1,000 respondents were reached through their mobile phone. Central to this challenge was contacting the hard-to-reach rural and urban poor of Kenya.

Rich insights
Our mobile research approach generated a high response rate among this hard-to-reach group. It produced rich insights into the group’s attitudes towards their government. To illustrate, 61% of our respondents does not believe their government listens to them or works for their benefit. 72% does not believe their government their government is honest and efficient. The survey also revealed that respondents think a better paid job is the number one thing that could improve their lives. Other findings highlighted a lack of know-how regarding how to provide governments with feedback. If feedback was sent it would most likely be about improving job opportunities and fighting corruption. The findings that were captured helped Africa Creates to strengthen their knowledge position and to improve their approach to helping local people raise their voice.

Capturing tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers
Our mobile survey sampling consists of a dedicated network of mobile partners to send SMS invites to mobile phone users and transfer airtime incentives (prepaid top-up) to our panel members directly after survey completion. The survey platform is agnostic as to what device or browser type panel members are using. They can reach the platform on both feature and smartphones. We develop surveys that are data-friendly and can easily be set out in areas with low bandwidth mobile internet. To ensure that our panel members are real and unique, we capture more than 20 data points (digital fingerprinting).

Working with our joint venture partner MetrixLab
MetrixLab, part of the Macromill Group, is a global provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. The partnership between TTC Mobile and MetrixLab has led to the recruitment of high quality mobile panelists and profiled databases. The combination of the two companies is of great value due to the expertise of MetrixLab in market survey research and TTC Mobile’s years of experience in providing reach and audience engagement in emerging markets.

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