Perception of beer consumption among African women for Heineken

According to research specialists of Canadean, the African beer market is the fastest growing global beer market with an annual average growth rate of 5% between 2013 and 2017. TTC Mobile recently conducted a study for the major Dutch beer brand Heineken, on the attitude and usage of beer among women in Africa, using our dynamic sampling and mobile panel. In order to have a good insight on the topic, we surveyed women in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Women’s attitude towards beer and opinion about their role in society
The results of the mobile study show that a majority of the surveyed women in all three countries support liberal ideas about the female role in society and social life. However, their ideas about the consumption of alcohol, beer and going out were more conservative, in particular in Nigeria. In general, the surveyed women from South African were more open towards consumption of alcoholic drinks than the Nigerian and Kenyan women.

Beer consumption among African women is still very limited
Our profound analysis also shows that our group of lower educated and rural women in Kenya was more conservative about beer and going out with men. Overall, we found that beer consumption among our group of African women is still very low. In Kenya and Nigeria, less than 1/3 of the surveyed women indicated that they occasionally drink beer and this was even less in rural areas. Slightly more South African women drink beer, but still a majority of the sample never does. When women indicated that they drink beer, they also indicated to only do so at specific occasions. Usually they do not drink beer more often than a few times a month with the purpose to relax or enjoy their time with friends. In addition, religion and cultural beliefs seemed to be strong reasons for not consuming beer. The Nigerian women believe beer can cause a wide range of health issues. The participants in Kenya and South Africa more often mentioned the impact beer would have on their dignity and self-respect.

Capturing tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers
Our mobile survey sampling consists of a dedicated network of mobile partners to send SMS invites to mobile phone users and transfer airtime incentives (prepaid top-up) to our panel members directly after survey completion. The survey platform is agnostic as to what device or browser type panel members are using. They can reach the platform on both feature and smartphones. We develop surveys that are data-friendly and can easily be set out in areas with low bandwidth mobile internet. To ensure that our panel members are real and unique, we capture more than 20 data points (digital fingerprinting).

Working with our joint venture parner MetrixLab
MetrixLab, part of the Macromill Group, is a global provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. The partnership between TTC Mobile and MetrixLab has led to the recruitment of high quality mobile panelists and profiled databases. The combination of the two companies is of great value due to the expertise of MetrixLab in market survey research and TTC Mobile’s years of experience in providing reach and audience engagement in emerging markets.

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African woman making home-brewed alcohol (Source: Canadean)

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