The explosive growth of mobile phones in emerging markets offers amazing potential. It allows us to engage into conversation with people, previously unreachable through other communication channels. TTC Mobile has become an expert in using mobile phones to inform, collect data and perform surveys. Our dedicated team has the ability to create awareness and to transfer knowledge on any given topic and is capable to identify the specific needs of emerging markets by the different services we support.

Mobile surveys, polls & quizzes

Mobile marketing, Advertising & promotion

  • We connect you to your hard-to-reach audience, using simple and scalable mobile solutions through mobile phones.
  • We enable organizations to engage into conversation with 750+ million of consumers in emerging markets.
  • We build interaction on any scale and we ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time.
  • TTC Mobile specializes in interactive and incentive based mobile programs, such as SMS quizzes, medicine reminder programs and market information messages for e.g. farmers.
  • TTC Mobile gives organizations access to fast, reliable and cost effective solutions.
  • Participants are rewarded by means of incentives, e.g. free mobile airtime.
  • We optimize our services through our experience and expertise in the field of database recruitment and management and collecting, processing and reporting data.
  • Examples of what we do: market research, project monitoring, project impact assessment, baseline and follow-up research, survey design, distribution, aggregation, mapping and visualization/reporting. We also help businesses to understand consumers' needs to improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.


Our technology is based on the approach of using SMS, Interactive Voice Response and mobile internet, leading to optimized services that offer unique reach, cost effiency and direct access to target consumers.


TTC Mobile has designed an interactive, scalable, flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use text messaging platform called Vusion. It reaches and connects phone users via SMS in more than 24 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia with personalized content.

Mobile Internet

Low bandwidth internet solutions allow millions of feature phone users to browse through easy-to-navigate and visual mobile content. This makes the online approach highly scalable at very low costs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A large percentage of the population in emerging countries is illiterate. That’s why TTC Mobile uses an Interactive Voice Response system with a toll free phone line, which guides callers through an information menu by voice.


In cooperation with different local partners, we can offer tailor-made services that make use of additional communication channels such as social media platforms, call centers and face-to-face surveys.



TTC Mobile specializes in interactive and incentive-based SMS projects, targeting for example HIV/AIDS, malaria and reproductive health issues. Together with local partner organizations we apply mobile technology to address health issues in an effective and efficient way.


Our focus is to provide relevant information for farmers and bottom of the pyramid entrepreneurs via mobile phones. Income, trade and employment opportunities for farmers are improved through the dissemination of production information and market statistics. This results in economic development.

Social & economic

TTC Mobile improves the social and economic position of target groups by offering several services, such as financial support and advice and the enabling of citizens to hold government and service providers accountable for their performance.

Consumer goods

TTC Mobile can develop mobile marketing projects from beginning to end and is able to address the specific target audiences that our clients want to engage. We can conduct (local) market research regarding the needs and behavior of consumers. Having the right insights increases the quality of the strategy of our clients and makes goals easier to accomplish.


We improve the quality of educational systems by disseminating information, collecting data, addressing accountability and strengthening school management structures. By doing this we involve teachers, school managers, parents, students and the local community.