Time To Change: new year, new office!

Amsterdam, December 16, 2015 – Moving from a monumental trade building in the heart of Amsterdam that dates from the 17th century to a modern office flat of 14 floors in Amstelveen? Yes, this is real. Everything changes and as of the 1st of January, the home of the TTC Mobile headquarters in the Netherlands is changing too. Change is inherent to development and development will lead to future growth. These are the values that characterize our new office.

Only five years ago TTC Mobile’s office moved into the monumental building that dates from 1642.  Having started with one small office, we soon expanded to four rooms and eventually ended up in one large and open office space. As of January 1st 2016, TTC Mobile will settle in the office building “Nest” in Amstelveen.

AmLab (Amsterdam Lab), the physical hotspot for development innovation that is settled in our current office building, represents the synergy and complementarity we have benefited from during the last five years. The diverse partner organizations work towards a bright future by aiming for social change and total transparency. Now TTC Mobile has reached a new phase, Nest is the best new step we could wish for. The office building is situated in Amstelveen, just on the border with Amsterdam, and is easily accessible by car or public transport. There is a great view on the airport of Schiphol. Most of all, the office offers us great and flexible opportunities for expansion. Nest houses a diversity of companies: from young enterprises to established organizations. This leads to inspirational dynamics, movement and flexibility. In other words: Het Nest will bring us a lot of positive energy as it offers an innovative office concept that TTC Mobile feels very comfortable with. The concept resembles the typical Dutch entrepreneurial spirit that TTC Mobile also stands for: the best product for the best price. A perfect match!

In the last couple of years our name has grown with us and only recently TTC Mobile discretely changed its logo, brand name and tagline. We started as Text to Change in 2007, a pioneering start-up NGO, and later continued as TTC. To emphasize our use of mobile technology, we are now continuing as TTC Mobile. After all, it is through mobile phones that we reach our target audiences. Moreover, ‘mobile’ is a synonym for movement and our movement is forward. In 2007, third world countries were associated with development aid, but these days it is the self-reliance and independence of consumers in these emerging markets that is supported by diverse sectors by means of i.e. commercial solutions. The social approach will always be an important part of the work of TTC Mobile through supporting the self-reliance of consumers in emerging markets and providing them with ownership of their own futures. With the services of TTC Mobile, these phone users can make their own independent choices based on the free accessible information. TTC Mobile, your key to emerging markets.

A visit to the new office is well worth it. The coffee is delicious and the view is outstanding!

Our new address: 

Laan van Kronenburg 14 (14th floor)
1183 AS Amstelveen
The Netherlands

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